The Mystic Valley Tapes

by Garroted

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waughtron666 This is the gold standard of tech/prog death. If you enjoy the usual suspects (Timeghoul, Blood Incantation, Atheist and lesser-known acts like Pavor), you are gonna lose your damn mind over Garroted. Twisting, churning evil with ultra catchy riffage and an olde skull sense of brutality. This is exactly what I want from this music. Favorite track: Otherworldly Subversions.
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dracoola666 absolute killer! Real osdm vibes.
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Bomage Brutal and raw and brutal.
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klBlk What's not to like? Analog recording + pure ripping death = instant success. Support!
I haven't even listened to the whole release and I'm grining ear to ear! Raw interesting Death Metal or whatever u decide to label it.
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This session tape was recorded all analog, live by our good friend Alex Garcia-Rivera at Mystic Valley Studio during the first two months of 2019 as well as mastered by our man Sean Heart of Coventry, RI. The purpose of these tapes is to give listeners a chance to truly feel the otherworldly energy and the visceral assault that is a live Garroted show. In addition, some of these songs are songs we have been playing for 4 years now and we wish to document and share their evolution and how they have changed in that time period. "The Mystic Valley Tapes" is a totem to being in touch with the past, while still keeping a keen eye and focus on the future; and as such we hope these songs will hold you over knowing that we have new incantations and subterranean hymns on their way shortly behind. We extend our thanks to all of those involved, and we look forward to seeing what you think. More things to come soon enough, Hailz 🌋

Physical copies available through Timeworn Records.


released December 6, 2019

Dan Jacobs – lead vocals
Ray Brouwer – lead and rhythm guitars, vocals
Jerry Witunsky – lead and rhythm guitar
KJ Boylan – electric bass, vocals
Yianni Tranxidis – drums

Recorded by Alex Garcia-Rivera
Mastered by Sean Hart
Cover art by Nick Jacobs (Necrosorcery)


all rights reserved



Garroted Walpole, Massachusetts

Dan Jacobs - Lead vocals
Ray Brouwer - Guitar, Vocals
Jerry Witunsky - Guitar
KJ Boylan - Bass, Vocals
Yianni Tranxidis - Rythmatist.

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Track Name: The Crawling Chaos
Black hangs tomorrow’s dawn
A sombre premonition of ceaseless bereavement
Inherent disillusion now clouds consciousness
Sanity dims as nightfall ensues
Tomorrow a dream you never conceive
Tomorrow a black usurpation
Nyarlathotep, by this name you suffer
Nyarlathotep, by this name you rot

Black wind crawls
Across barren lands
Insanity that targets feeble man
The Skinless one
The Masked Messenger
Speaker of the Bloodiest Tongue
Blind chaos born
The earth weeps with scorn
The fabric of existence now torn
Who'll leave us bereft
Who'll inherit the earth
Who’ll summon death (Nyarlathotep)

Your time has come to see the light
Of crawling chaos’ darkest night
You can only hope that you die
Or you'll see the world through empty eyes
Kneel before the faceless gods
The madness that does slowly trod
Now you know the plague that falls
The madness of Chaos that crawls

Eyes torn from sockets
The faces that no longer breathe
Irrevocable madness that is he

Crawling black across lands plagued by meteorfall,
eternally writhes he in grotesque chaos awaiting the call
Black mist through ebony night
as humanity suffers under ivory moonlight
Teeming endless madness,
The lands he does smite
Track Name: That Which Scourged Leng
Born in forgotten aeons, travelers of time awake
Wrought of the stars to watch spectral void
Buried beyond Leng lies prize in wait
Beneath snowbound tundra they dwell.

Forging the centuries, sculpting great cities
A golden age arises.

Submerging - to flee
Beneath the - snow-sea
What once was theirs is now
Scourge to be!

Lost in the solstice
they hide 'neath - moon’s glow
Whose rays did - they bestow
upon Leng - below

Ra-Nanna, by you we swear devotion,
Guard Leng - from Tekeli-li our fear
Ra-Nanna, by whom we kiss the ocean,
Banish Tekeli-li, our bane.
Hiding in dark places
burying the brothers it stole.

accompanied by fear of cold ages
and proof of the beast's rages
a dying people cry
bereft of all sages.

Fear of death brought us to the sea,
and now in silent crushing blackness
we return pitifully.

Death, will we be free,
From that accursed Tekeli-li?
Where will we not flee,
From that accursed Tekeli-li?
Track Name: Black Spectre
Coursing through the black,
a shadow over dark waves.
It emerges into
a world ripe for attack.
Calculating slowly,
its bloody ways,
the dawn of a new age
is at hand.

The tides retreat
Knowing it is back
Snuffing the light away
and burning all idols
Black spectre hunts
end of days
Ripping inhumanity
a nightmarish haze.

They came in the night
Hunting our souls
Erecting great funeral pyres
They broke us like twigs
Thrown to the wind
Regarding life with only ire.

Paltry resistance,
crumbles before
the great beast’s rise
To even attempt.
is to give voice
To mockery against such powers
Black spectre ripping evil
Culling the sheep.
out of this world
Barbaric atrocities
What once was
evil now is.

Do you not see
Folly eternal in defying me?
Through me your finest works were fed to scree
Crushing hopes beneath scorned pleas
Piled before unholy burial
Life is forsaken for control adversarial
Track Name: Otherworldly Subversions
So rang the bells of hope and healing
And through all the land did they resonate
Kingdoms rose, no evil concealing
Nor wicked man's folly to castigate.
Armies grew lazy without war to wage
Drinking, laughing, sporting, sleeping
Truly saw they no end to this age
'Twas all the greater for the darkness creeping.

Whispered fears grew ever louder
Bodies gone to fat began to stir
As dormant forges now floundered
Warriors's preparation was deterred.
Iron hearts trembled at the slightest shadow
And martial arts once potent had been lost
Spirited resistance faced a great embargo
Cowering fops raising rusted swords crossed.

Shaking hands bore sapphire flags
As cold sweat began to flow.
The horizon filled with clouds like rags
And eldritch lightning struck aglow.
Across the land did the chaos mount
And what came next was nightmare given form.
The black sky cracked and evil poured out
A yawning portal spawning abyssal swarms.

Screaming demons and unhallowed ghosts
Flooded the sky and tainted the land.
The defenders balked before the foul host
And many fled, their posts unmanned.
Open slaughter was their goal
And slaughter they did with otherworldly glee
Crimson rivers flowed around ivory knolls
And dead eyes bore witness to the bloody spree.

They drank from skulls filled with blood
And wet their blades on all they found
Innocents choked under suffocating mud
And unholy blasphemies left charred mounds
Yet amidst the tumult an even greater evil
Descended from the portal and with him came damnation.

His minions cowered at his approach
And burning steeds paved his way.
He bore the weight of power beyond reproach
And all was naught before his fell gaze.

His cadre of elites kneeled before him
and reaffirmed their black allegiance.
Chattering devils lingered amidst the din
eager to march as untold legions.

The arch-demon brought forth a sinister orb
its purpose the harvest of human souls.
He raised it high and spoke words warped
and glimmer it did with ethereal cold.
His retinue trembled as silent energies built
crackling in the air and staining the earth.
So it was that all those killed
were snatched from the ether and locked in berth.

The screams of thousands echoed through the void
and from the sphere flowed to the portal.
Muscled knights cheered with blades deployed
As the light gave form to a serpent abnormal.
The Great Beast roared, and they answered its call
a dozen pronged heads bellowing at once.
it descended from the portal, and the angels balked
for now the voice of doom had sung

Blackness filled the skies,
and the tainted earth split,
before an ocean of lifeless eyes
and the yawning of a red pit.

So it was that the Great Beast arrived
glimmering, shivering, laughing, seething.
Bearing the weight of impending demise
ethereal fire its unholy breathing.

Assembled legions cackled and screamed
raising bloody hands and weeping with joy.
Feverishly bellowing their blackened creed
witnessing fruition of the unhallowed ploy.

Amidst a forest of blades they sang
bloody hymns and foul salutations,
and they let hang the dead as they
declared their plot to unmake creation.

And yet as they cried of the end
hundreds died in a moment's span.
The sky broke once again
and the angels descended upon them.

Bright hammers broke their swords
and fight they did with fury and craft.
On ivory wings, flanked by his wards,
their leader charged the arch-demon and with him clashed.

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