Transcending The Esoteric Plane

by Garroted/Calcemia

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"Transcending The Esoteric Plane"
a split EP born of Garroted and Calcemia

With both sides of this release, us and our Californian counterparts seek to express the frail and fragile distinction between dreams and reality. A documentation of dreamworlds, birth, and rebirth through otherworldly progressive death metal.

Listen and purchase their side here:

Garroted's music was written between mid 2018 and early 2019 and recorded by Sean Hart in Wremtham MA and Coventry RI.
Mastered by Protean Sound in LA.

Pure Ripping Death


released January 24, 2020

Garroted is:
Dan Jacobs: Lead vocals
Ray Brouwer: Lead and rhythm guitars, vocals
Jerry Witunsky: Lead and rhythm guitars
KJ Boylan: Electric bass, vocals
Yianni Tranxidis: Drums

Music: Created by Garroted
Lyrics: Created by Garroted

Cover art by Karmazid
Garroted logo by Dru Hix
Cover layout by Jake Himelfarb


all rights reserved



Garroted Walpole, Massachusetts

Dan Jacobs - Lead vocals
Ray Brouwer - Guitar, Vocals
Jerry Witunsky - Guitar
KJ Boylan - Bass, Vocals
Yianni Tranxidis - Rythmatist.

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Track Name: Heaven's Dark Harbinger
Through frigid forests and bogs of sludge
Lies a commonwealth engulfed in mud
Through their hollowed eyes they’ll soon see
Ferocity consume their own humanity

Dawn fell and bright clouds blackened
Descending from the ether with sinister intent
Preying on a world blinded by ignorance
Infernal being spreads a plague on the conscience

Cries of desperation
The planets shrieks buried amidst quaint chanting
Reviving past apparitions
Deceptive treachery the noble fall sleeping

Ensnared in madness never to escape
Timeworn power aches for weak minds to rape.
Forgotten horrors breeding in cosmic thought
Civilization proves to be all for naught

Sudden waves of sickness
Causing thoughts most obscene
Whom once tame now vicious l
Plotting deeds quite unclean.

Mass of the dead slowly rise
Seeing the world through ancestral eyes
Bodily corrupted minds are torn
Wretched convulsions evils born

Malice pulsing in their brains.
Shocked to witness what they have become.
Blades cut through and slice their veins
Mortal blood flows and madness consumes them.
Burning homes, the scent of flesh
Cackling elders can taste their revenge.
Newborns ripe to be enmeshed
Heavens Dark Harbinger lusts to breathe the end.

Unearthly horror
Divine pain now brought
Boundless being unknown
Mankind left to rot

Monumental constructs charred and blighted.
battered bodies lie in place.
Terminal intent now ensues,
beast of the cosmos won't let them go to waste
Cadavers rise up their shells now awoken,
autonomous brains fall prey to the source
Surmounted by malevolence and dismal desire,
it uses them for their true purpose.

Mindlessly marching to their posts,
unaware that their order has been taken.
Stripped their memories now soulless hosts,
now it’s time that a new world awakens.
Celestial tormentor feeds on the universe,
their sacrifice won't be in vain.
This day marks the death of the old world,
planetary history begins again.
Track Name: Destruction By Ancient's Might
Shapeless figures dancing
across a pale horizon
Silhouetted in the night
by a light so ever dimming
Sinister, snickering
echoes from each direction
Apocalyptic trumpets
drifting faintly through the void

Funereal chants bellowing
trepidation grows from beyond.
For a kingdom forsaken,
Destined for eternal damnation

Lurid figures lament
Absence of cessation

Caustic dissonance emerged from the wake of order
Ancient hymns of suffering molesting once sacred earth
A Grotesque grimace reflecting the seeds of anguish
Abhorrent verve, Malicious glare from eyes of Chaos

Infernal fiend
Obliterating all existence
Horrendous consternation
Erasing hopes of all that would be...
Engulfing mothers and infants alike
Mortal bodies dissipate to ash.

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