In the Court of Nyarlathotep

by Garroted

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These songs were written between October 2013 and December 2015. Much effort and deliberation went into the process of writing, arranging, performing, and eventually recording them. A great deal of pain and loss was experienced during that process. We believe that that emotional character will be made manifest through these recordings.

This demo is dedicated to the memory of not only all our lost friends, but all lives taken too soon.

Recorded March 19th-20th in Sharon, MA as well as April 14th and 17th in Coventry, RI.
Mixed and mastered by Sean Hart the week of April 17th.

Please enjoy responsibly.


released May 18, 2016

D. Jacobs - lead vocals, arrangement
R. Brouwer - rhythm, acoustic and lead guitars, electric bass, lyrics, composition, arrangement, auxiliary vocals
S. Peyton - drums, lyrics, arrangement, auxiliary vocals

All tracking, mixing, and mastering by Sean Hart
Cover artwork by Nick Jacobs
Layout of band logo + demo title on cover artwork by Mark Fraleigh
Logo edited by Andrew R. Hix of Fleshed Out Designs



all rights reserved


Garroted Walpole, Massachusetts

Dan Jacobs - lead vocals, Arrangement.
Ray Brouwer - rhythm and lead guitars, lyrics, composition, arrangement, auxiliary vocals
Jerry Witunsky - rhythm and lead guitars, composition, arrangement
KJ Boylan - bass, auxiliary vocals
Steven Peyton - drums, lyrics, composition, arrangement, auxiliary vocals
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Track Name: The Crawling Chaos (In the Court of Nyarlathotep)
Black hangs tomorrow’s dawn
A sombre premonition of ceaseless bereavement
Inherent disillusion now clouds consciousness
Sanity dims as nightfall ensues
Tomorrow a dream you never conceive
Tomorrow a black usurpation
Nyarlathotep, by this name you suffer
Nyarlathotep, by this name you rot

Black wind crawls
Across barren lands
Insanity that targets feeble man
The Skinless one
The Masked Messenger
Speaker of the Bloodiest Tongue
Blind chaos born
The earth weeps with scorn
The fabric of existence now torn
Who'll leave us bereft
Who'll inherit the earth
Who’ll summon death (Nyarlathotep)

Your time has come to see the light
Of crawling chaos’ darkest night
You can only hope that you die
Or you'll see the world through empty eyes
Kneel before the faceless gods
The madness that does slowly trod
Now you know the plague that falls
The madness of Chaos that crawls

Eyes torn from sockets
The faces that no longer breathe
Irrevocable madness that is he

Crawling black across lands plagued by meteorfall,
eternally writhes he in grotesque chaos awaiting the call
Black mist through ebony night
as humanity suffers under ivory moonlight
Teeming endless madness,
The lands he does smite
Track Name: That Which Scourged Leng
Born in forgotten aeons, travelers of time awake
Wrought of the stars to watch spectral void
Buried beyond Leng lies prize in wait
Beneath snowbound tundra they dwell.

Forging the centuries, sculpting great cities
A golden age arises.

Submerging - to flee
Beneath the - snow-sea
What once was theirs is now
Scourge to be!

Lost in the solstice
they hide 'neath - moon’s glow
Whose rays did - they bestow
upon Leng - below

Ra-Nanna, by you we swear devotion,
Guard Leng - from Tekeli-li our fear
Ra-Nanna, by whom we kiss the ocean,
Banish Tekeli-li, our bane.
Hiding in dark places
burying the brothers it stole.

accompanied by fear of cold ages
and proof of the beast's rages
a dying people cry
bereft of all sages.

Fear of death brought us to the sea,
and now in silent crushing blackness
we return pitifully.

Death, will we be free,
From that accursed Tekeli-li?
Where will we not flee,
From that accursed Tekeli-li?
Track Name: Black Spectre
Coursing through the black,
a shadow over dark waves.
It emerges into
a world ripe for attack.
Calculating slowly,
its bloody ways,
the dawn of a new age
is at hand.

The tides retreat
Knowing it is back
Snuffing the light away
and burning all idols
Black spectre hunts
end of days
Ripping inhumanity
a nightmarish haze.

They came in the night
Hunting our souls
Erecting great funeral pyres
They broke us like twigs
Thrown to the wind
Regarding life with only ire.

Paltry resistance,
crumbles before
the great beast’s rise
To even attempt.
is to give voice
To mockery against such powers
Black spectre ripping evil
Culling the sheep.
out of this world
Barbaric atrocities
What once was
evil now is.

Do you not see
Folly eternal in defying me?
Through me your finest works were fed to scree
Crushing hopes beneath scorned pleas
Piled before unholy burial
Life is forsaken for control adversarial.
Track Name: A Ritual Profane
‘twas a cold night in the month of October,
through it I rode on strength of my steed.
Convinced I was that the journey would grow older,
respite from the chill a tantalizing dream.

Upon my eyes clashed the sight of white stone,
surrounding a catacomb as dark as the night.
My company limited to dead men’s bone
forced passage through my involuntary plight.

Into the passage I rode, my horse taut with fear,
torchlight born aloft the limit of our illumination.
And from the depths, a curious sound struck my ear--
A pulsating drumbeat of unknown causation.

Onward Exeter’s hooves clacked across the stone
as great fangs of rock lingered in the gloom,
while strangely, the drumming seemed to have grown,
as though our travels brought us to a tomb.

Through that unhallowed pit we proceeded,
the entrance giving way to a giant chamber.
and I realized that its walls had been seeded
with skeletal remains the site of feverish labor.
From below came the pounding of the drums
the purpose of that foul congregation now clear--
for in the chamber crowded around a great barque,
swarming zealots held offerings in the air.

Cold ran my blood as we observed the sick cult,
chanting, waving torches in time with the drumming,
our covert reconnaissance unnoticed amidst the tumult,
the throats of the madmen full of an alien humming.

And as I looked on in abject horror I realized their goal
for laid down upon the altar was a virgin girl.
As the cult-master raised his knife I prayed for her soul
And watched as her vitae splattered outward in a carnal whirl.

Hastily I stirred Exeter into a fierce sprint
turning their heads as we clattered up the rock-way
going back from whence we had just came without hint
for what the scum intended to do next, no one could say.